Honey of the Heart Live Valentines Concert

by Honey of the Heart ~ Maren Metke & Justin Ancheta

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Recorded Live at a sold-out Valentines House Concert in a lovely home in Nevada City, CA. Maren and Justin brought their live looping, percussion, beat box, mother drum, guitar, tres and more to the rich evening, while chocolate dessert and wine sweetned it even more.


released May 13, 2016


all rights reserved



Honey of the Heart California

In April '14, Metke and Ancheta met and joined in musical conversation in an echoey room in Oakland. They have been steadily creating, inspiring, collaborating and performing ever since.
Their style is described as Folk, World, Roots, Jazz fusion with rich harmonies, and powerful vocals, suggesting a deep Soul influence.
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Track Name: Justin Ancheta 2013. Honey of the Heart. All rights reserved. - Boon Carri E
We all travel far, not knowing when to stop, on top new star, somewhere here you are. It's safe to say, the matter is this state. We mold our fate, to be what it is here.... Boon Carri, Boon Carri E, Carri E, Carri E.....
Track Name: Dance Me
...lift me like an olive branch, be my homeward dove...
Track Name: Diggin' Deep
"diggin deep, diggin deep in the ground, planting seeds in the soil, watering earth with these tears that I've found, singin' light, shining grace into ground.... earth warriors manifest intention to bow down, not afraid to lose this goodness.... who are you now, who are you now..... oh tell me how many times can you melt me in one day... caterpillar liquefies becoming a butterfly, inside it's chrysalis, it dies to live this...."
Track Name: Dive
"...like a wild animal howl, wouldn't want it any other way... love, we are driving blind, where our hands have become our eyes,and of your body I turn every stone, worn and smooth, light & shadows unknown... confusion tunes to pleasures rhyme, to blush the very face of time, as with your eyes you dive.... dive, dive, dive, deep inside...."
Track Name: Feelin' Good
I'm feelin' good....
Track Name: Flyin' Fallin'
"....Flyin's just like fallin', but enjoying the ride, so wont you fly with me.... wont you fall with me.... so don't hold, no, don't hold to the past, 'cause in this big old world, nothin' lasts, except for what we plant deep in the soil of our hearts, so lets all grow and glow let it flow, to the place where, the vulnerability shows and, stop tending to these past woes, and we can show each other the way it can go...."
Track Name: River Song (It's a River)
It's a river, It's a rhythm
It's a shadow, It's a sheen
It's a feeling, It is fleeting
It is freeing, It is being

I like the way you move
embodied truth
-source to source
wild, and smooth

Hear what your sayin
And all your words
we form a pattern like river trails
in through the cracks of
the earth & sky
the painted picture of you & I

It's a mountain, It's a fountain
It's in your mind, It's a dream
It's never ending, It is finite
Nothing and everything

Make me glad to be alive
arrive and thrive
lift and dive
you own your life

walking with two feet on ground
It's a ri-ver
hearing soft sounds like the moon go round
It's a rhy-thm
tread lightly with your fleeting belief
It's a shad-ow
the mystery will offer relief
it’s where we are from
shine on, shine on...

it is hunger, its inspiration
its all universal needs
its desperation, it is life force
it will bring you- to your knees

Hearing the leaves now are rustling
we let go a little every day....
Our natural beings are planting the seed
and when we dream we live...
humus on the ground
as long as we play...
its form released
as long as we’re awake...
we’re like those leaves all
as long as we’re awake...

It's a river, a rhythm, a shadow, a sheen
It's a feeling, It’s fleeting, It’s freeing, It’s being

It's your temper, its kindness, its where we all come from
It's all magic, It's science, it’s beating of the drum

It's an opus, It's madness, It's hope lost and found
It is danger, It’s honest, sanity and ground

hear what we’re saying, this life in bloom
It's a mountain, It's a fountain
we rise up after the darkest moon
it's a masterpiece, it's a mess
you are the mountain (to) reach over clouds
It's never ending, It is finite
at the passing you can look out
it is certain, it is our best
shine on, shine on, shine on, shine on.....

it’s in the way you move
embodied truth
-source to soul
wild….. and….. smooth (x2)
Track Name: Spin (Grateful Song)
Spin me round, let me fall
every cell, every cell feels it all
every muscle, every bone
tells me, tells me that I’m not alone ~ not alone

driving fast, swift and cool
high on, high on life, no need for fuel
Here in this electric sky
I search for, search for meaning in/through these eyes

Oh and I’m grateful, grateful again
Because I trust, I trust we’re doing the best we can
And there’s no, no time to waste
Life is moving, moving forward without haste… without haste (x1)

Stepping forward, heartbeat
Feel the edge, feel the edge beneath my feet
Branches stre-tch, reaching wi-de
To catch and feed and feel the dream inside

Spin me round, let me fly,
Along, along the breeze of your sigh..
Every tou-ch, and every to-ne
Tells me, tells me that I’m not alone

Oh and I’m grateful, grateful again
Because I trust, I trust we’re doing the best we can
And there’s no, no time to waste
Life is moving, moving forward without haste (x1)

Oh and I’m grateful, grateful again
Because I trust, I trust were doing the best we can
And there’s no, no time to waste
Life is moving, moving forward without haste (x2)
Track Name: Sueños
There are questions I can't answer, so I turn to you
direct me to the nearest place where I can see you through...
Track Name: Triana
We believe that they are in Catalan... they vary from version to version
Track Name: Justin Ancheta, Honey of the Heart. All; rights reserved - Broke Man Full
"Out for the night, don't worry 'bout me, love will find it's way back home... want to be a blanket in the cold, a food that makes your soul grow..... So take your feelings and draw them near, no more worries, no more fear...."
Track Name: Comes Undone
"All comes undone... like that branches after the storm....A rhythm to dance us back home, a reminder where we come from, that we're never done, a fire to burn off the parts that have hung on, divination, death, rebirth, melting into the sun...."

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